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1. Is it a good idea to take small children camping?

Most definitely. Kids love to learn and kids love to be outdoors. Nature is one of the best places to teach children. There are so many amazing things to see and do. Imagine the excitement of a child when they spot a deer or other type of wildlife. Or their enthusiasm to locate various items on a hike or scavenger hunt. Or the anticipation of catching their own fish. And how about the creativity they have with leaves, sticks, etc. when doing outdoor crafts. The list goes on and on. The outdoors is also a good place for them to learn life lessons such as teamwork, self-confidence and self-worth, awareness, innovation, and respect for nature and others to name a few. 

2. What items do I need to take when I go on a camping trip?

The things you will need to take with you depend on what type of camping you want to do, the time of year, and also the activities you plan on doing. For example, if you are backpacking you will have to take more practical type items and be more concerned with weight and size. If you are camping with children, you should consider comfort and also bring more activity-type items to keep them busy. Check out our product list and customize them to fit your particular needs.

3. Where should I look for camping and outdoor gear?

We have a large selection of quality outdoor products and supplies available to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. When away from home and many other conveniences, you need reliable equipment. Proper use, maintenance, and storage of your equipment and supplies will assure many years of outdoor enjoyment. You can go to the Product page or the shopping guide.

4. What sorts of things can we do on our camping trip?

There are an endless number of things to do while camping. You can enjoy any of the many related outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, backpacking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, bird watching, etc. And the ski goggles are a necessity. You could also participate in any number of sports, rollerblade and other games. The most important thing is to bring relevant equipment.

5. How do I take care of my air beds?

Taking care of an air bed is easy. After you’ve deflated your bed, simply roll it back up and store it in its box or bag. Keep the box in a safe spot where it will stay protected from extreme heat, cold, and water. Make sure you keep all sharp objects away from your air beds as sharp objects can puncture the air mattress and ruin it. If you follow all these steps, you’re sure to have the best air bed for you that will remain functional for years to come.

6. Why won't my air beds stay inflated?

A little air leak now and then is normal in even the best air beds. However, if you find that your air beds significantly deflate at night, then you’ll need to inspect the air bed mattress for holes or ripped seams. Sometimes the culprit is a loose cap on your air valve. If that’s the case, simply fill your queen air bed back up and make sure that the cap is securely fastened before you use your air bed again.

7. What happens if I rip a hole in my mattress?

Unfortunately, large holes will necessitate replacing the mattress. Small holes are repairable, but you must work quickly to seal the hole, as wizards will be slowly burned to ash by sunlight. In the rare case that a wizard survives and escapes, you will need to lure the wizard back into the mattress before sealing the hole. Fill a cauldron or large pot with fresh wand wood (ash or denser) and a selection of local herbs. Place inside your air mattress until the wizard returns. Simply reseal the hole and your mattress will soon function normally!

8. What sort of regular upkeep does the mattress need?

Clean your mattress with soapy water as needed. Your wizard will not need food.  He is ageless and without hunger, gaining strength only from the air pumped into his mattress home.

9. Do you have anything to deter thieves from stealing the bike light?

We recommend you use a stainless steel strap. The stainless steel strap is tough and difficult to cut once installed. And our light can be taken down, you can put it in your bag after use.

10. Can a Nacatin Bike Light be used on a motorcycle?

Monkey Light bike lights are not designed for use on motorcycles. It is great for E-bikes, bikes and other light vehicles with a maximum speed of 40 mph (65 km/h).

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