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About Nacatin

“Nature has its unique vitality of life no matter where it is, whether it is in the mountains, rivers, meadows, sand, or courtyards.

Nature has its unique charm throughout the year, whether it is in spring, in summer, in autumn or in winter.”

This is the sentiment of our brand creator Flaming from his rich outdoor life in nature.

Flaming is an energetic, nature-loving, outdoorsman. He snowshoes alone with a backpack, paddleboards with friends, and camps outdoors in a tent with his family. He has learned from his rich outdoor life the eye-opening beauty of nature and even a small amount of time in nature can have a impact on our health. 

So he gathered friends who also like outdoor sports and started this outdoor company. He had a vision that more people can get into nature, participate in outdoor sports and enjoy life with affordable and reliable gear.
We are a group of people who love outdoors, so we know the pleasure that high quality outdoor gear brings to everyone in the outdoor sports. We also encourage employees to take time to adventure and know the pain points from our own continuous outdoor sports.

Our products are not abundant, but each one is our founder’s most loved outdoor sport in each season. Each product is carefully selected and tested, aimed to deliver high-quality performance gear priced within a comfortable reach for the every outdoorsman and woman.

We now are not a big and famous company. We know we have a long way to go. But many small acts can make a big difference. We will keep working at it, because sustainability is not a goal that can be achieved, but a process that needs constant reassessment and new approaches. 
Hope you will enjoy outdoor life together with us Nacatin.


We wouldn't be here without you.
We read every review, every email because what you say matters.

An authentic 5-star review goes a LONG WAY in our business. We also love to hear what we're doing right, and we need to hear what we can do better.

We aim to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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