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NACATIN Stand Up Paddle Gonflable, Version Mise à Niveau 10′ 6″ Paddle Board avec Accessoires SUP Premium Gratuits et Sac à Dos, Sac Étanche 10L, Pochette pour Téléphone, Bandoulière

NACATIN Sac à dos de randonnée, grand sac à dos 60L pour homme femme, résistant à la déchirure et à l'eau, idéal pour le camping, le trekking, les voyages en plein air



  • Genre: Sac à dos

  • Matériel:Nylon

  • Style: Sportif

  • Capacité du sac : 60L

  • La couleur noire

  • Caractéristiques : Résistance à l'eau

  • Genre: Unisexe

  • Longueur du bracelet : 70 cm

  • Poids du produit : 1,0600 kg

  • Poids du colis : 1,0830 kg

  • Taille de l'emballage (L xlxh): 70,00 x 35,00 x 6,00 cm / 27,56 x 13,78 x 2,36 pouces

Contenu du colis:

  • 1 sac à dos.

  • 1 housse de pluie.

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Trekking Poles poster (1).jpg

Are walking sticks useful?


The trekking poles support the muscle & skeleton system by relieving pressure on the knees, ankles and hip joints, especially when walking downhill, as the increased weight is spread over the poles.

Trekking Poles poster (2).jpg

Easy to Carry

  • Weight: 300g /pcs

  • Folded size: 40 cm /15.8 inch


Foldable hiking poles are smaller than with telescopic poles and have a small pack size.

Trekking Poles poster (3).jpg

Adjustable Length


Lengths : 105 - 125 cm

Height: 155 - 189 cm

Correct length of hiking poles = height x 0.68

Trekking Poles poster (4).jpg

Warm tips

They should be so high that the arm reaches an angle of 90 degrees, if you hold the pole handle in your hands and the stick is perpendicular to the ground.

Trekking Poles poster (5).jpg



The NACATIN trekking poles made of 7075 aluminum are extremely stable and durable. Sufficient for leisurely day hikes.

Trekking Poles poster (10).jpg

Cone Tip

Rubber buffer for asphalt and stone.

Due to the round shape of the rubber buffer is also ideal for trekking and mountain tour


Trekking Poles poster (11).jpg

Nordic Tip

Rubber buffer for asphalt.

BIG - extra-strong cushioning for your NW poles.

Trekking Poles poster (12).jpg

Mud Tip

Suitable for mud and sand


  • Can use together with CONE PAD or Asphalt Pads

  • This mud basket will help to prevent your walking sticks from sinking into the softer soil

Trekking Poles poster (13).jpg

Snow Tip

Suitable for slightly snowy terrain


  • Can use together with CONE PAD or Asphalt Pads

  • Snowflake Basket Provides additional support to prevent the poles from sinking too deep into soft ground or snow

Trekking Poles poster (17).jpg
Trekking Poles poster (1).png

Adjustable loop

Thanks to the adjustable strap you can secure the poles for example in difficult terrain or when slipping.

Trekking Poles poster (14).jpg

Cork Handle

Cork as a natural material is moisture-regulating and offers a particularly pleasant grip.

Trekking Poles poster (15).jpg

Wear-resistant steel cable

The trekking poles are connected by a wear-resistant steel cable and can be folded in 3 parts to a length of only 40 cm.

Trekking Poles poster (16).jpg


Pull the third tube vigorously out of the second tube until the metal button is popped up and locked well.

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