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NACATIN Stand Up Paddle Gonflable, Version Mise à Niveau 10′ 6″ Paddle Board avec Accessoires SUP Premium Gratuits et Sac à Dos, Sac Étanche 10L, Pochette pour Téléphone, Bandoulière

NACATIN Sac à dos de randonnée, grand sac à dos 60L pour homme femme, résistant à la déchirure et à l'eau, idéal pour le camping, le trekking, les voyages en plein air


Survival Shovel.jpg
Folding Shovel (1).jpg



  • Genre: Sac à dos

  • Matériel:Nylon

  • Style: Sportif

  • Capacité du sac : 60L

  • La couleur noire

  • Caractéristiques : Résistance à l'eau

  • Genre: Unisexe

  • Longueur du bracelet : 70 cm

  • Poids du produit : 1,0600 kg

  • Poids du colis : 1,0830 kg

  • Taille de l'emballage (L xlxh): 70,00 x 35,00 x 6,00 cm / 27,56 x 13,78 x 2,36 pouces

Contenu du colis:

  • 1 sac à dos.

  • 1 housse de pluie.

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Nacatin Folding Survival Shovel .jpg
  • Great tool to have for camping, off-road driving, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, gardening, and other outdoor activities. Compact and collapsible, it can be easily stored in your car for emergency use.

  • All in One Shovel - Shovel, wrench, saw, window breaker, fish phosphorus tool, whistle, fire starter, screwdriver - all these tools are included in the shovel, making it a useful tool in many occasions.

  • Compact Folding Design - This shovel folds up into a high-quality and super compact tactical waist pack that fits on your belt.

  • Customizable Size – Add extension bars to make it 30.31 inches long. This tactical shovel is useful when digging out a deep fire pit, sanitation holes, or digging your car out if it gets stuck in the snow.

  • Store accessories inside - tube sections each have available space for small first aid kits, screwdriver, fish phosphorustool, and other survival gears.

  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Grip – Unlike other handles that you have to wrap with additional grippy tape, these handles are designed using non-slip ergonomics, so you always have a strong grip.

Survival Shovel poster (6).jpg

High Alloy Steel

Survival Shovel poster (7).jpg

Shovel Head

Survival Shovel poster (8).jpg

Metal Lock

Survival Shovel poster (5).jpg

Shovel Handle


  • MULTIPLE USE: Alloy steel lock allows the shovel head to be set to 0-180 degrees. You can easily adjust the head for shoveling, digging, sawing, or chopping. Extra little tools including screwdriver, bottle opener, whistle, and window breaker, meet all your needs outdoors. (The tools are inside the handle parts)

  • HEAVY DUTY: The shovel head is made of 2.5mm thickened manganese steel, high strength, wear-resistant, high hardness, corrosion resistant, high and low-temperature resistant. You can use it in a variety of harsh environments.

  • COMPACT PORTABLE: The shovel can be taken apart into three sections and stored in the carrying pouch that comes with the package. You can put it into a backpack, car, or toolbox and carry it with you.

  • EMERGENCY TOOL: When in a car emergency, it is definitely a helpful tool. For example, using the end of the handle part to break car windows, or digging the tires out of snow. And don’t forget the whistle to call for help when in need.

  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: NACATIN folding shovel is a perfect companion for camping, backpacking, hiking, off-road trip, wilderness survival, car emergency, gardening, fishing.

Survival Shovel poster (10).jpg


The thickened shovelhead is made of 3CR13 stainless steel, with super hardness, strong and not easy to corrode. You can use this folding shovel for anything like digging snow, sand, dirt, mud and more.

Survival Shovel poster (11).jpg


When folded at 90 degrees, the folding shovel can be used as a pickaxe to break through snow and ice. Also it can help you to dig and create a small trench.

Survival Shovel poster (12).jpg


This camping shovel is foldable, retractable, and the material is very strong, you can easily get dry wood on the tree, very suitable for outdoor survival use.

Survival Shovel poster (13).jpg


Use the serrated side of the portable shovel for sawing through tough terrain like roots, vines, or branches.

Survival Shovel poster (18).jpg

Fire Starter

Strike the flint against the magnesium rod. The sparks from the collision can quickly ignite the prepared tinder, and you are ready to have a fire to cook, boil water or keep warm.

Survival Shovel poster (16).jpg

Survival Whistle

Scare off wild animals or call for help. The standard survival whistle design makes the whistle sound louder.

Survival Shovel poster (20).jpg


Hidden screwdriver tool, you can easily repair the car and other equipments outdoors.

Survival Shovel poster (17).jpg

Window Breaker

Suitable for breaking up windows and ice or small rocks during an emergency.

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