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Tabla de paddle surf hinchable NACATIN, versión mejorada Tabla de paddle surf de 10′ 6″ con mochila y accesorios de SUP premium gratis, bolsa seca de 10 l, funda para teléfono, correa para el hombro

NACATIN Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote, 14 Inch Quiet LED Modern Acrylic Ceiling Fan Light with Stepless Dimming Adjustable Wind Speed, Ideal for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen (Black)


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Color azul

Tipo de deporte: Remo SUP

Peso del producto: 8,5 kg
Peso del paquete: 13,93 kg
Tamaño del producto (largo x ancho x alto): 126 x 32 x 6 pulgadas
Tamaño del paquete (largo x ancho x alto): 35,3 x 14,2 x 11,1 pulgadas

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About this item

  • 🎁 YEAR-ROUND COMFORT: Enjoy optimal comfort all year long with this versatile ceiling fan. Its reversible silent DC motor supports both forward and reverse rotation, delivering refreshing cooling in the summer and enhanced air circulation during the winter months.

  • 🎁 CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROL: Experience personalized lighting and airflow with this ceiling fan. Its three variable colour temperature design and adjustable brightness allow you to create the perfect ambiance, while the six wind speeds cater to your specific airflow preferences.

  • 🎁 WHISPER-QUIET SLEEP: Experience tranquil nights with the whisper-quiet pure copper motor. Illuminate your space with serene tranquility as the ceiling fan light runs silently. Experience a peaceful ambiance without any distracting noise, allowing you to relax and unwind undisturbed.

  • 🎁 SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The fan light is designed for simple installation, but for safety, it's recommended to consult a professional electrician. Once installed, enjoy a tranquil environment as the fan runs quietly, while the sturdy blades and stable motor ensure reliable and secure operation.

  • 🎁 MODERN AND ELEGANT: Enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other room with this elegant ceiling fan. Its modern design adds a touch of sophistication, providing efficient lighting and comfortable airflow, making it suitable for various spaces.

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